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657 Area Code Scams, Location, Time Zone, Zip Code

The article provides information to the readers to be aware and refrain from the new scam of area code. The people of the United States are frustrated due to the new 657 Area Code Scams. What is the area code scam and what can be done to prevent it?

The people of the United States are receiving spam calls and messages from the phishers and scam persons through different numbers with area code 657. The telephone numbers containing 657 as prefix have a very low trust score in the United States. They are filled with negative feedback and the people of the country should be aware of the scam.

The people who receive unknown calls or text messages from the contact that has prefix as 657 must immediately report about the same and do not click on any of the fishy link that it contains. It is a scam to breach into your detailed information and sensitive data. Hence, it must be surely avoided.

What is the 657 Area Code Scams?

Area Code 657 is the area code that covers most of the prominent cities of the United States. It ranges from Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Torrance, California, and Ontario. The telephone numbers having prefix 657 have a very negative feedback, and hence they must surely be avoided.

The trust factor of the area code is deplorable and the spammers and the scam persons use these numbers to execute scams with the residents of the United States. In the recent times, the scammers send the text messages and make calls with the numbers that have prefix 657 and end up asking the details for job interviews, free gifts, delivery, and much more.

The 657 Area Code Scams are executed not only through phone calls, but the residents also receive the text messages and emails related to the job interviews from the phone numbers having 657 prefix area code. The messages sent by the scammers contain the links which help them to breach the personal data and prompt them to share the confidential details.

Which type of different Scams can be done through Area Code 657?

After a lot of research on the internet, it has been seen that many people of the United States have been the victim and have received these messages, phone calls, and even mails from the number that has prefix 657. The people have revealed that it is a new scam as it involves the text messages that lure the people of free gifts and claim to provide cash for submitting the surveys.

The people have received the text messages from the 657 Area Code Scams that claim to be from the USP and ask them to visit the link to fill the details for the delivery of their packages, whereas some received messages with System Warning. They also send the spam links through messages and emails to confirm the appointment for a job interview which they had never applied for!

List of the top rated callers that have Area Code 657 Scam 

  • 657-202-5151
  • 657-202-9364
  • 657-220-1616
  • 657-230-7441
  • 657-230-7532
  • 657-235-5046
  • 657-235-9124
  • 657-286-6049
  • 657-321-5186

This is the list of the top rated spam numbers that has prefix 657. The people of the United States are frustrated with the messages and the phone calls from these spammers.

Final Words

This 657 Area Code Scams has created a fuzz in the residents of the United States. It is must for the users to be aware and refrain from clicking on the suspicious links that are in these text messages and emails. These online scams must be instantly reported  to the nearby authorities.