Does Flowerbomb Perfume Smell Good?

Does Flowerbomb Perfume Smell Good?

Flowerbomb Perfume is a popular fragrance created by Viktor & Rolf, a luxury fashion house founded by designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren in 1993. The fragrance was launched in 2005 and quickly gained popularity, thanks to its distinctive blend of floral and oriental notes. Today, Flowerbomb is considered a classic fragrance and a must-have for anyone who loves the scent of flowers.

The Packaging : Flowerbomb Perfume

The first thing you notice about Flowerbomb Perfume is the packaging. The bottle is designed to appear like a hand grenade, complete with a pink pin and black ribbon. This design is intended to symbolize the explosive power of flowers, and it certainly makes an impact on the shelf. The bottle is made from heavy glass and has a substantial feel, which adds to its luxurious appeal.

The Scent

Flowerbomb Perfume is a complex fragrance with a variety of notes that work together to create a distinctive scent. The top notes are bergamot and tea, which give the fragrance a fresh, citrusy scent. The heart notes are jasmine, orchid, and rose, which create a floral bouquet that is both sweet and sophisticated. The base notes are patchouli and musk, which gives the fragrance a warmth, and a sensual touch.

The overall effect is a fragrance that is both feminine and powerful. Flowerbomb Perfume is not a subtle scent, but it is not overpowering either. It has a moderate sillage, which means that it can be smelled from a short distance but is not so strong that it will fill a room. The fragrance lasts for a long period after application on the skin, so you can enjoy its scent all day.

The Ingredients

Flowerbomb Perfume is made from high-quality ingredients, which contribute to its luxurious feel. The bergamot and tea notes are extracted from natural sources, as are the floral notes. The patchouli and musk notes are synthetic, but they are carefully chosen to create a scent that is both natural and long-lasting. The fragrance also contains a small amount of vanilla, which adds a sweet note to the base.

 Flowerbomb Perfume Ingredients

The Brand : Flowerbomb Perfume

Viktor & Rolf is a fashion house that is known for its avant-garde designs and bold approach to fashion. The designers are known for their use of unexpected materials, such as tulle and neoprene, and their willingness to push the boundaries of what is considered fashionable. Flowerbomb is an extension of this approach, as it is a fragrance that is both classic and innovative.

The designers have said that they created Flowerbomb to be a fragrance that would “make the world a better place.” This statement may seem grandiose, but there is something uplifting about the scent of flowers. Flowerbomb is a fragrance that will enhance your mood and bring more confidence and empowered.

The Audience

Flowerbomb Perfume is marketed to women, and it is a fragrance that is suitable for a wide range of ages. It is a popular choice for women who want a fragrance that is both feminine and powerful, and it is often worn for special occasions such as weddings and parties. Flowerbomb Perfume is also a popular gift, as it has a broad appeal and is considered a safe choice for anyone who loves the scent of flowers.

The Price

Flowerbomb Perfume is a high-end fragrance, and it is priced accordingly. A 1.7-ounce bottle of Flowerbomb retails for around $100, while a 3.4-ounce bottle costs around $160. The fragrance is also available in smaller sizes, as well as in gift sets that include additional products such as body lotion and shower gel. While Flowerbomb is not a cheap fragrance, it is considered a good value for its quality and longevity.


Flowerbomb Perfume is a luxurious fragrance that has gained a strong following thanks to its distinctive blend of floral and oriental notes. The packaging is eye-catching and adds to the fragrance’s luxurious appeal, while the high-quality ingredients and careful blending create a scent that is both powerful and feminine. The fragrance is marketed to women and is suitable for a wide range of ages, making it a popular choice for special occasions and as a gift. Although it is a high-end fragrance, its quality and longevity make it a good value for those who appreciate the power of flowers. Overall, Flowerbomb is a timeless classic that is sure to continue to be popular for years to come.