Nesty Wordle|Is Nesty the correct answer for Wordle 313?

Nesty Wordle Puzzle Game | Why Nesty Wordle So Popular?

In this article we will share the information about the very popular Nesty Wordle puzzle game. The people are searching for the answer to the Wordle number 313. The people are in search for the answer of Wordle 313, and the question tends to urge the players to guess the appropriate word ending with STY.

There are multiple words that end up with STY which leads to confusion. The people are up with many different words, and most of the people from the United States, India, Australia, Canada, and UK have guessed the words out of the box. But it is not the appropriate answer for the Nesty Wordle.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a fun puzzle game in which the player has to guess the right word for the riddle. The players can avail this game without any cost on the internet. The game is in trend from a long time, and the people are interested to play this fun game.

Nesty Wordle game was brought into existence by Josh Wardle and is a sensation in the current times. The word Nesty is trending on the internet shows the popularity of the game and the number of users that are interested to play the game.

How can we play this Nesty Wordle game?

  • The players have to guess the right word for the riddle in a maximum of 6 tries.
  • The color of the tile will vary from grey to yellow and then to green to provide you the correct direction of the riddle.
  • Wordle will provide answer each day, and hence there will be a new challenge the next day.

Is Nesty the correct answer for Wordle 313?

No, nesty is not the correct answer of the wordle #313 that appeared on 28th April 2022. The answer to the wordle 313 ends up with STY, but nesty is not the right answer to the question. Nesty is the inappropriate answer that many people guessed for the Wordle that urged the players to solve the puzzle that ends with STY. The word Nesty has no relation to the question #313 Wordle that appeared on 28th April 2022. In fact, the right answer to the #313 question is “ZESTY”.

Why is the word Nesty in trend on the internet?

The popular puzzle Nesty Wordle game Wordle gave a riddle #313 with few hints on 28th April 2022. The question appeared with a hint that the answer to the riddle ends with STY. As soon as the riddle was released, the people started to search out for the words ending up with STY.

After a lot of research on the internet, the people guessed the word for the riddle #313 that appeared on 28th April 2022. Nesty is the word which the people found correct for the riddle. However, the answer is wrong as it has no relation with the riddle #313 in Wordle.

Nesty word is in trend as the people guessed it as the right answer for #313 riddle of Wordle. But the correct answer to the riddle #313 was ZESTY. Hence, there is no need to get confused with the word.

Final Words

Wordle is a much popular riddle game that is loved by the players acquainted with the puzzle Nesty Wordle game. The puzzle game release a riddle #313 on 28th April 2022, and the people guessed the answer as Nesty but the correct answer is Zesty. Since the word is ending with STY, the players were in the wrong direction as the correct answer is ZESTY.